Rucsandra Popescu


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Her work is played by various music ensembles in Romania, Germany and Belgium, such as:
Ensemble Arhaeus, Trio Contraste - Romania, Duo Sägezahn, Ensemble Recherche, Bremer Philharmonie, Musiques Nouvelles - Belgium, St.Petri Domsingschule Bremen, Ensemble Neue Flötentöne, Boreas Quartett Bremen, Sing Akademie Hardegsen.

As a young composer, she was awarded the following Prizes:

- 2017 - the first prize at the choir composition´s competition "Verleih uns Frieden" of the German Choral society (Deutscher Chorverband e.V., promoted by the the Federal Government for Culture), In omnes Gentes for Children Choir
- 2012 - winner of the composition competition Landesmusikrat Bremen (15.Juni 2013 - First performance, wissen, sagen for Choir)
- 2011 - selected and nominated togheter with other 11 young composers at the fourth edition of the Young Composers’ Forum - [tactus] in Brussels and Mons (Belgium) for Contraverse
- 2009 - the prize for the best academic results by the Internal Composition´s Competition of Music Academy Bremen.
- 2008 - special prize - The Festival European Sacred Music Schaebisch Gmuend for ...und hast mich lieb... for choir
- 2008 - Laudation - International Women Composers Festival and Competition Unna for Trio Duelo
- 2006 - second prize - HAG Composition Competition for Glockenspiel in Böttcherstraße Bremen for Gioc
- 2004 - she was awarded the prize for the best academic results by the Bucovinieni Sarghie Brothers´ Foundation and the University of Bucharest
- 2004 - first prize – Paul Constantinescu for Idealuri for choir
- 2003 - special prize - Carl von Ossietzky Choir Competition forTriptichon in nuce
- 2002 - second prize - Paul Constantinescu for the Sonata for Violin and Piano


- 2011/01 - TACTUS Festival Brussels /Mons (Belgium)
- 2006/07 - romanian government scholarship for music (composition).
- 2006/07 - DAAD - Scholarship - Studienabschlussbehilfe
- 2002/2004 - participated twice in the composition Workshop in Bayreuth: - 2002 with Dimitri Terzakis and 2004 with Peter Hamel, where she composed the music for a scene from the silent Film “Faust” by F.W.Murnau
- 2002/03 - Erasmus-Socrates for one year in Oldenburg (Germany) by Violeta Dinescu´s composition class and conducting with Johannes von Hoff

Performances (selection):

- 2018 she wrote Konstelation for Horn and Harp (first performance - 04.10.2018)
- 2018 she wrote 04.02.1918 for Choir Text after Peter Weiß (first performance - 03.02.2018)
- 2016 she wrote Bunt sind schon die Wälder for Children Choir, order from Sing Akademie Hardegsen e.V. (first performance - 24.09.2016)
- 2015 she wrote In omnes gentes for Children Choir, order from Sing Akademie Hardegsen e.V. (first performance - 25.09.2015)
- 2014 she wrote O Nata Lux for Choir, dedicated to J-Cappella Ensemble (first performance 10.05.2015)
- 2013 she wrote wissen, sagen for Choir (Buchtstrassenchor), order from Landesmusikrat Bremen (first performance 15.06.2013)
- 2012 she wrote Magnificat for Children Choir,Percussion and Harp, order from Sing-Akademie Hardegsen e.V. (first performance - 6.10.2012)
- 2012.10.12 - Magnificat was performed at the Kongress für Kirchenmusiker in Göttingen
- 2011/2012 she wrote au contraire for Boreas Quartett Bremen, Blockflöten Quartett (first performance - 19.01.2012)
- 2011 she wrote Iridescendo for „Klingendes Atelier“ - Atelier Frauke Alber, Bremen
- 2011 she wrote in nomine for St.Petri Domsingschule Bremen (first performence - 8.10.2011)
- 2011.01.21 - Contraverse was performed in Mons (Belgium) by the Musiques nouvelles Ensemble, Conducter Jean-Paul Dessy
- 2010/2011 she wrote far..fälle for Ensemble Neue Flötentöne (first performance 6.12.2011)
- 2010 she wrote Moldavieren for Bremer Philharmonie Orchester
- 2009 she wrote Pinocchio´s World - Children Opera for Glocke in Bremen (first performance - 26.04.2009)
- 2009 she wrote Beethoveniada for HFK Orchestra, performed in Rottenburg and Bremen (8 - 9.02.2009)
- 2008 Contraverse was selected and performed at the Next Generation Off Konzert (Donaueschingen Musiktage 20.10.2008), concert recorded by SWR
- 2007/08 she wrote Contraverse for Ensemble Recherche (first performance - 22.02.2008)
- 2006, 2007, 2008 she participated in the Workshop - Donaueschinger Musiktage, Next Generation Off-programme
- 2007 she wrote for 60th Anniverary of the re-establishment - City Bremen - Signal B, played by the Bremer Philharmonie
- 2005/06 she wrote together with five other young composers from Younghi Pagh Paan´s composition class the opera Unterwegs for the Bremer Theatre (opening night on 17.06.2006)
- 2005 – she wrote Momenti for Trio Contraste and first performed in Köln (31.03.2005 Frau Musica(nova) die rumänsichen Komponistinnen) and on Deutschen Rundfunk radiocasted

Publication (Scores / CD):

wissen, sagen for Choir and Clarinette, Pater Noster for Choir, O nata lux for choir are published by ERES Edition Bremen. Infos:
Magnificat , In omnes gentes and Bunt sind schon die Wälder are recorded and published on CDs. Infos: